Welcome to Biz1stHosting.

We are “not just another hosting service”, because our hosting services were originally only available to clients of J. Hollier Enterprises and its subsidiaries, as part of its Biz1st offerings to start-ups and small businesses.


J. Hollier Enterprises started offering its Biz1stHosting services in 2011 as part of its “Biz 1st” set of offerings. Our primary goal was to provide a low cost, low design, entry point for J. Hollier Enterprises clients to establish their web presence and to provide “branded” email (i.e., to get them off @gmail.com).

Some of our clients who have simple informational website needs stay with us, while others move on as their web sites become more sophisticated.

Since that time, Biz1stHosting has also taken on clients who were not clients of J. Hollier Enterprises.

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